Turning Carbon into Cement

We 7 billion humans are emitting 40 Gigatons of carbon into the air every year.  That’s 40,000 Million Tons a year that is causing massive climate disruption, with visible increases in the number and intensity of extreme weather events, including droughts, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, floods, extreme heat, and extreme cold.

98% of world scientists agree that we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions within the next decade – or things will get exponentially worse.

We know we need to transition all our electricity, heating, cooling and transportation to the 4 AWESome Forces of Nature, and let the air, water, earth & sun power everything.

But – some transitions will be easier than others. Reducing industrial carbon emissions is hard. And every transition takes precious time.

Yet there is an example of how we can take carbon out of the atmosphere. For billions of years, the earth has had a natural way to capture and sequester carbon. With biomineralization, living creatures turn carbon into carbonate rock. The white cliffs of Dover are one example. The limestone used in cement is another.

Now, the 5th Force of Nature – Humans – have created technology that can also turn carbon emissions into rock. And that rock can permanently remove carbon from the air by using it to make cement.

Across the globe, we use 50 Gigatons of cement every year. By turning a portion of our 40 Gigatons of carbon emissions into cement, we have a new, permanent way to start to solve the climate crisis.

In this week’s AWESome EarthKind podcast, we meet with Dr. Brent Constantz. Brent is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in biomineralization. Over the past 25 years, he has led three medical device companies to advance mineralization technologies for orthopedic bone cements. Now, as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Planet Systems Corporation, he has created a next generation product that will permanently sequester gigaton quantities of carbon dioxide by turning it into carbonate minerals that can be used in cement for our buildings and roadways.

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