Solar and Wind generate 2/3s of electricity in South Australia

While the fossil fuel industry continues to spread propaganda with its assertion that it’s impossible to transition to renewable energy – a number of areas in the world are demonstrating that it is not only possible – but it’s already happening.

In 2007, “an army of trolls claimed it was impossible for intermittent renewables to power more than 20% of South Australia’s grid”, when less than 1% of South Australia’s electricity came from renewable sources.

Today – wind and solar power generate two-thirds of SA’s electricity, and South Australia is a world leader in wind and solar energy generation.

The region is now expected to generate more renewable electricity than it consumes by 2030

South Australian renewables drove coal generation out of the state by 2016.  This was followed by a temporary increase in gas – but that has steadily reduced, and gas generation is about half what it was in 2018-19. 

This shift saved consumers a lot of money, as gas currently is tremendously expensive.

When South Australia reaches 100% renewable energy generation, it will demonstrate that a major region with no hydro can eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels. 

These world-changing developments are helping secure a safe future for us all.

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