Reducing Energy Costs with Clean Energy

Everyone is concerned about the exponential increases in energy costs. We are all feeling the pinch of  gasoline at $5 a gallon and unprecedented price rises for natural gas, propane, oil, and electricity.

Thankfully, clean energy technologies offer us a way to control and reduce energy costs in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

The cost of Solar Electricity is now down to under 5c per kwh after the tax incentives (and before local, state, or utility incentives). You have to “prepay” for the 25 years of clean electricity that the sun will produce – but you can gain either outstanding ROIs of 20% and better – or, with financing, reduce your monthly costs by 20% or more with various financing options.

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps use the energy in the air – or the billions of years of “the heat beneath our feet” stored energy in the ground – to provide incredible efficiencies and amazing savings.

Finally, virtually every auto manufacturer now has an electric model. Whatever your brand and style preference, you can now purchase an electric vehicle at about the same price as its fossil fuel cousin – but then you consume ZERO gasoline, have NO oil or transmission fluids, and have only 20 moving parts to worry about (vs. 2,000 in an internal combustion engine). 

Best of all – using Electricity vs. Gasoline is the equivalent of buying gasoline at ~$1 a gallon! 

So… if you’re concerned about rising energy costs – Go Clean and $ave Green with clean energy technologies today!

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