Phase Changes with Govi Rao

It’s the roaring 2020s – the decade when everything changes… and it’s incredible how science and nature are creating new solutions to our most daunting challenges.

Energy Efficiency is always the first step in clean energy – because “the cheapest energy is the energy we DON’T use”.

Imagine capturing heat energy – then releasing it to hold a certain temperature – with no effort?

Well…do you remember learning about Phase Changes in science class?  How water turns into ice – then keeps the temperature cold as it changes phase back into a liquid?

There are dramatic surges in energy when matter changes phase.

Technology can now program natural materials to use Phase Changes to hold any temperature – from the negative hundreds of degrees for vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, through cooling & heating our foods, to providing comfortable and stable temperatures in our buildings.

On this week’s AWESome EarthKind podcast, we meet Govi Rao, CEO of Phase Change Solutions.

Phase Change Solutions (PCS) is a global leader in the development and supply of biodegrable phase change materials. There are millions of pounds of 100% bio-based material already being used to keep our vaccines cold, our food hot, and our living and working spaces comfortable. Soon – phase change materials will be everywhere.

Govi believes that each of us has the opportunity to “cast a stone” and “make a ripple” in life that makes a difference. Govi says that we don’t need to do more research to find our energy efficiency solutions. We have solutions today – it’s time to just get started.

Listen to Change that Matters as Govi Rau’s tells how he and Phase Change are “doing well, doing good, and doing it now!”

Phase Change – with Govi Rao, Phase Change Energy Solutions, Inc.

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