Murphy Brothers – July Webinar

This course will discuss why outdoor living is in with additional images and explains how you can design a healthy and comfortable outdoor contemporary space. The goal is to explain how you can create unity outdoors and how to bring the indoors, outdoors. Also, the course explains how you can make sure you can spend time outdoors all year around, no matter the weather conditions.

Outdoor Living

Benjamin Talpe is the Sales Director for the East Coast region for Renson Inc. He is an expert in outdoor living concepts and optimizing any architectural structure to give the project owner more flexibility in order to create their own healthy spaces. Blending the indoors with outdoors is the main focus, providing solutions created with sustainability and circular economy in mind. Benjamin is one of our educational leaders for the AIA approved class REN-OUTDOOR 21: Luxury Landscape Design – Creating Outdoor Spaces with Smart Pergolas, guiding Architects towards better understanding of outdoor living solutions. He is also part of Renson’s commitment to our reforestation program in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

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