Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Most of us are passionate about making our homes – and our home planet – healthier & more sustainable.

Individually, more of us are making progress, and collectively we’re starting to make the transition that we need.

In the first 3 quarters of 2021, over 88% of ALL new electricity generation in the United States came from the construction of new solar, wind & other renewable energy power plants.

That’s because clean energy technologies tap into the Forces of Nature and now provide the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Large Scale solar with battery storage (solar on demand) provides the lowest cost electricity on the planet. And cost-saving distributed solar on homes & on commercial real estate can be seen virtually everywhere.

As we each pursue having a positive individual impact on the Earth, we also realize that – despite our commendable efforts – it just isn’t enough. The cumulative impact of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions now captures the energy equivalent to exploding 500,000 nuclear weapons a day, 365 days of the year.

But failure is “literally not an option” – so…how do we exponentially increase our impact? How can we be sure that the products we’re purchasing are actually produced in a sustainable manner? How do we purchase from businesses that are actually striving to do the right thing – and aren’t just “Green Washing” and promoting themselves as clean and green without really changing their actions?j And how do we speak  up with our voices – and our pocketbooks – and move our businesses & communities forward?

On the AWESome EarthKind Podcast this week, we meet Emily Eckert. Emily is a woman with a vision. With studies & expertise in Global Economies, Human Rights, and the Environment, she now leads a new start-up company – GoViably.com.

As the Founder and CEO, Emily shares her vision of a company that aims to transform consumer purchasing – and the businesses we buy from – in ways that will help save life on our home planet.

There is no doubt that we are running out of time – and our children’s future is at stake. If you’d like to create more real change TODAY – Let your government leaders know your opinion about making the transition to a clean energy economy that can lead the world.

Multiply your climate impact by a factor of 1,000 with #CodeRedClimate & go to www. CodeRedCongress.com.

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