Largest Solar Farm In US

The largest solar project in the US is currently under construction – in the “oil state” of Texas! Texas is already leading the US with 24,899 Megawatts of wind energy – enough to power over six million homes. Now, the new 1,310 MW Samson Solar Energy Center will support the sustainability objectives of five major consumer brands and supply power to three Texas municipalities – with enough electricity to power 300,000 American homes.

The 5 corporate and 3 municipal purchasers are:

-AT&T: 500 MW
-Honda: 200 MW
-McDonald’s: 160 MW
-Google: 100 MW
-The Home Depot: 50 MW
-Bryan, Texas: 150 MW
-Denton, Texas: 75 MW
-Garland, Texas: 25 MW

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