Geothermal Heating & Cooling – Job & New Business Opportunities

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Every parent knows the struggles our young people have in striving to find good paying jobs that offer the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and society.

I’ve worked with clean energy technologies for over 30 years, including solar and electric vehicles. But today, clean Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps is one of the fastest growing opportunities in our lifetime.

To achieve our personal, state, national, and global climate goals – we have to transition virtually EVERY building away from oil, propane and gas. It’s a worldwide change that hasn’t been seen since we moved away from wood and coal over a century ago.

And THE most efficient, incentivized, and profitable heating & cooling systems are… geothermal. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps gain 400 to 500% efficiencies with closed loops that capture and move the 50 degree “heat beneath our feet” up from the ground and into our buildings.

Geothermal’s higher efficiencies mean our homes, workplaces, and schools can achieve a lower total cost of ownership – while contractors can increase the size and profitability of each heating & cooling project.

And – generous utility incentives and a 26% federal tax credit dramatically reduce a customer’s net installation costs with excellent Returns on their Investments.

In this week’s AWESome EarthKind podcast – discover the opportunity for a good paying job or for a new or expanding business.

You’ll hear from Mike Seidenberg, a successful HVAC technician who make the transition to Geothermal Heating & Cooling.

You’ll also hear Wendy MacPherson, the Assistant Director of Clean Heating and Cooling for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), as she explains the state’s goals and $654 Million of programs.

You’ll meet Steve Coulter, the Clean Heat Program Manager at Con Edison, one of the largest utilities in the country. Steve also coordinates with all the utilities in the New York Statewide Clean Heat Program.

Lastly, you’ll hear from Mike’s Seidenberg’s Daughter, Maggie. Maggie Seidenberg is a Building Analyst & the Founder and Owner of her own clean energy auditing business, Energyvana LLC. 

As we’re seeing with weird weather almost every day – we are running out of time – and our children’s future is at stake. 

If you’d like to create more real change TODAY – Let your government leaders know that you want the country to make  the transition to a clean energy economy that can lead the world.

Multiply your climate impact by a factor of 1,000 with #CodeRedClimate & 

Today’s podcast is being sponsored by the Power of the Earth with Comfort by ClimateMaster. ClimateMaster is a 50-year-old United States manufacturer of Geothermal Heating, Cooling & Hot Water systems.If you want more consistent comfort, a lower Total Cost-of-Ownership, and a dramatic reduction in your energy bills and carbon footprint –  Go to and download one of the FREE special web events about how to get geothermal heating and cooling installed in your home or commercial building.

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