EarthKind empowers our customers with the ability to create clean energy legacies for our children, and all generations. We deliver powerful, positive impacts that dramatically reduce carbon footprints – and save money.

Go Clean. Save Green.


EarthKind Energy brings decades of expertise and thought leadership in sustainability practices and clean technology. We can help you build or augment a carbon reduction strategy that best fits your organization's needs.

Clean Energy Strategy Services:

  • Policies, Programs, & Projects
  • Partnership Development
  • Market Development
  • Funding

Success Story


Commercial Green Energy

New York State Electric and Gas Solutions and Energetix were energy services companies (ESCOs) that provided natural gas and electricity to residential, small business, and large commercial/industrial customers in upstate New York. EarthKind’s green energy strategy, purchasing, pricing and marketing program enabled them to become the leading clean energy suppliers in New York State (before they were sold to Direct Energy in 2012).

Green Building Policy

EarthKind Energy has an intricate knowledge of how government policies lead to programs that develop new markets for clean energy technologies.

Success Story

LEED Standards for School Construction

EarthKind co-created and led a NJ Sustainable Business Alliance that established the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard for the State of New Jersey’s $8.4 billion school construction program — the first recognition of environmental and energy standards for school construction in the country.

Solar Policy

EarthKind's CEO, Ron Kamen, was elected President of the NY Solar Energy Industries Association in 2009. Over 3 years, he transformed the association from "mom & pop" solar installers into a powerhouse of diverse solar industry stakeholders.

Success Story

New York Sun

EarthKind led a coalition of business, environmental, government & labor groups in a campaign that won New York Sun, a 10 year, $1 Billion solar incentive program.


EarthKind Energy has developed clean energy market transformation programs for commercial, government and non-profit organizations throughout the northeast US.

Success Story

Clean Transportation

Renewable Heating & Cooling

The 43 municipal members of Sustainable Westchester retained EarthKind to create programs for the two-thirds of carbon emissions that come from vehicles & buildings. EarthKind's Clean Transportation Program made Westchester #1 in EV adoption in New York, while the Commercial HeatSmart program provides developers with information, incentives, and technology providers to ensure that $10+ Billion of economic development overcomes a utility moratorium on new natural gas hookups.

Client Representation

EarthKind provides our clients with expert representation through the clean energy development process. We work with organizational leadership to identify and prioritize clean energy goals; identify opportunities; secure government & private funding; issue RFPs; recommend providers; oversee & commission projects; resolve utility & other issues; and establish maintenance and warranty protocols.

Success Story

Oakwood Friends School Solar Project

The Oakwood Friends School always wanted solar, but had been told that their 21 shaded buildings, 11 electric meters, and constrained non-profit budget made it impossible. EarthKind educated the staff and Board, issued RFPs, oversaw the project development, and solved utility, government, & contractor issues. Oakwood gained a PV solar system that provides 100% of their electricity - with ZERO CASH outlay, along with $30+k/year in utility cost savings.

Grant Writing

EarthKind has written many significant grants, raising over $70 Million of funding. Working together with our clients, our powerful network enables us to quickly elicit a strong base of diverse supporters.

Success Story


EarthKind has extensive experience writing successful grants from NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority). Some examples include: $3 Million for wind energy marketing; $250k for solar hot water technology development; $1.0 Million for Clean Heating & Cooling programs; $250k for EV Charging station infrastructure, and $1.1 Million for a community microgrid.

Climate Action Planning

EarthKind's CEO, Ron Kamen, has led climate action planning efforts throughout his career, including being the Mid-Atlantic Director for EarthDay 1990, where he supported 100 local committees and helped initiate the mobilization of 3 million people in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware.

Success Story

Environmental Entrepreneurs &

New Yorkers for Clean Power

Ron Kamen is a New York Chapter Director for the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national non-partisan organization of business leaders who have created more than 600,000 jobs, control $100+ Billion in assets, and lead efforts to improve the economy with environmentally sustainable technologies. Ron is also a co-founder and advisor to New Yorkers for Clean Power, an organization that promotes renewable electricity, clean heating & cooling, and emission-free transportation.

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