Clean Energy Highlights of the 2022 New York State-of-the-State Address

New York State has been a national leader in the efforts to address climate disruption. NYS Governor Kathy Hochul announced additional leadership steps in her January 5th “State of the State” address. Some of her proposed clean energy initiatives include:

  • Zero greenhouse gas emissions in all new construction by 2027
  • Passing New York State Senator Brian Kavanagh and New York State Assemblymember Emily Gallagher’s All-Electric Buildings Act (S6843A/A8431)
  • One million electrified homes and up to 1 million electrification-ready homes by 2030.
  • A commitment to all-electric school buses by 2035
  • Developing a statewide Extreme Heat Action Plan
  • Increasing funding for the Environmental Bond Act from $3 to $4 billion, which will help create green jobs and ensure clean water and clean air for all New Yorkers.
  • Energy efficiency, electrification, and air quality improvements for public schools through the $59 million Clean Green Schools initiative, prioritizing environmental justice communities.
  • Expanding the community air monitoring program, focused on hyper-local pollution in environmental justice communities.
  • Reducing toxics such as PFAS and Phthalates in packaging
  • A comprehensive, five-year housing plan that will expand affordable housing as well as upgrade and address maintenance issues, including weatherization.
  • Implementing congestion pricing.

As the world continues to heat up and the extreme weather wreaks havoc, New York’s climate leadership is a tremendous beacon of hope.

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