#3 Geothermal Heating & Cooling

If you currently heat with oil, or if you are constructing a new building, geothermal heating and cooling can lower operating costs, improve comfort, and reduce your carbon footprint.

This “deep dive” looks at how the earth’s constant 55 degree temperature can provide the most efficient and least cost heating & cooling option. Find out how ZBF and Brightsource Energy teamed up to construct a 127 until affordable housing building where air conditioning costs $10 a month (vs. $100 a month for comparable apartments elsewhere) and how heating costs are 10% less than natural gas.

Hear about how St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC now has a geothermal system that was $30 Million less expensive than any other alternative. And discover how you can have this advanced technology installed with zero out-of-pocket investment and no risk via 3rd party ownership options.

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