Why Buy Green Energy: For Our Children’s Children’s Children

This submission to the Why I Buy Green Energy Contest co-sponsored by EarthKind® and NYSEG Solutions makes a strong statement that the most powerful reason to “Go Green” is for our children, and “all who come after us.”

Subject: Why we “buy green”

We buy green, not only for our children, but for the children of our children. For all children. And for our friends, parents, grandparents, and all who come after us. From a very young age, our children’s curiculum each year at school has included a “reduce, reuse and recycle” theme. However, how much of that can they actually put into action? We still observe those around us to throw items in the trash as if that makes the items disappear forever, neglecting to understand that these items pile up in a landfill. It involves constant vigilance and activism to encourage both classrooms and businesses to display sorting bins for paper, glass, etc. And often, even when we so carefully sort our discards, the garbage truck rolls up and dumps everything in TOGETHER. Can we be assurred that it is being resorted later? Our society tends to believe what they can only see, taste or touch.

Wind energy provides this! What child hasn’t delighted in the wind blowing through their hair? Who doesn’t appreciate watching waves roll in at the shore and observing a gull or toy boat bounce along the waves. Here in the northeast, we experience the power of wind when branches are blown of their trees, sand and leaves form dirt devils across playgrounds, and electricity wires are tangled and torn in freak storms such as the one experienced on October 30, 2011. We have just begun to see wind turbines on some of our local travels, such as driving along Connecticut’s route 95 or a detour to the Cape Cod shoreline, or visiting the grandparents in Saco, Maine. We are awestruck by the size of these modern day windmills, marvel at the speeds on which they spin on even a seemingly still day, and admire their beauty, their dance. We discuss the science and beauty of them. We understand that their are naysayers who feel they distract from the view of nature; but clearly, isn’t that the magic of it; their harnessing of nature? Here in our small town of Kent, New York, nestled in the hudson valley yet between the bustling cities of Poughkeepsie, Peekskill, Danbury and White Plains, We envision the day when each of our homes are powered by the wind that Mother Nature has so luxuriously provided for us. We fantasize of the possiblility of each windmill being artistically personalized by the owners. We support NYSEG Solutions in their wind program and are confident that it will grow with the support and the vision of the community. What better way to demonstrate to our children and our future ancestors how to buy green. [sic] ”