Teaching Our Children About Green Energy

Being concerned about the future of our planet Earth, teachers feel an obligation to teach their students a sense of responsibility in regards to green energy. This submission comes from such a teacher:

Why I Buy Green Energy

As a classroom teacher and mom of 3 young children, I struggle daily to balance all of the challenges which life brings. Not only do I feel a strong responsibility to care for, encourage and inspire my own children, but I also feel the same responsibility to my students. I am very concerned about the future of the world in which these children and future generations will live. I feel a strong obligation to be part of the solution to the ongoing energy crisis which our world is facing. By purchasing green energy, I am teaching my own children, and my students, that we ALL need to take action if we are to survive. I hope that through my actions, I can help create a chain reaction where people are motivated to make a difference.

My family made the choice to purchase wind energy from NYSEG Solutions several years ago, In the future, our family aspires to power our home completely through the use of “green power,” though that is not financially feasible at this time. By purchasing wind energy from NYSEG solutions each month, we are able to work toward this ultimate goal within the constraints of our current household budget.

For us, the choice was easy. For a few extra dollars each month, we could be part of the solution to the energy crisis. My family buys “green energy” with the hope that we can help others to see that a simple, inexpensive, small scale change can make a global difference. If everyone did just a little, together we could do a lot.