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Transforming Energy Expenses into Sustainability Engines

Ron presented “Transforming Energy Expenses into Sustainability Engines” for the Friends FIRST program in November.

The presentation focuses on how businesses and institutions can leverage their existing energy expenses for electricity, heat, and transportation to create a vehicle for lower costs and clean, sustainable power.


The Duck Curve


Are you familiar with  the “Duck Curve”?   Remember the “Bell Curve”  in collage statistics?  The Duck Curve is basically a concern over the availability of solar in the day time,  but going down as the sun goes down.  This concern has turned into something of a urban myth of late according to  Robbie Orvis, Michael O’Boyle, and Hallie Kennan of Energy Innovation.  The authors propose that by using common sense, smart rate design, and regional sharing/coordination we can minimize the impact of the Duck.  Read the article here.

Questioning Value of Large Utility Renewable Systems


Community Solar Is Going To Get Hot In 2016!

community solar

Community Solar may very well be the future of solar energy in the USA in 2016. For people who cannot afford to have a solar system on their own, or who live in an building where a system is not possible – community solar is a exciting option. EarthKind Energy has the experience to help communities develop community solar projects.  Call us,  we are happy to help!

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