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Transforming Energy Expenses into Sustainability Engines

Ron presented “Transforming Energy Expenses into Sustainability Engines” for the Friends FIRST program in November.

The presentation focuses on how businesses and institutions can leverage their existing energy expenses for electricity, heat, and transportation to create a vehicle for lower costs and clean, sustainable power.


Top Ten Companies Going Solar

solar energy

The Solar Energy Industries Association released this year’s top 10 companies who are “going solar” in a huge way:

Recognize any of them? Target, Walmart, Prologis, Apple, Costco, Kohl’s, Ikea, Macy’s, General Growth Properties, & Hartz Mountain…

While they’re getting some “good press” and “green creds” – the reality is that they figured out that solar can save them a tremendous amount of money.

As Mike Duke of Walmart says: “The math adds up pretty quickly…less energy we have to buy… means less waste and more savings”.

Give us a call or email, and we’ll help you figure out how you can save with solar, too.

PSE&G Installing 100 Megawatt Solar System on Landfill

NJ landfill solar

We have been seeing more and more solar installations being done on landfills, brownfields… over the past few years. Seems to be catching on. Public Service Electric & Gas Co. in New Jersey has proposed to install a 100 megawatt system. What is particularly significant here is that PSE&G is a utility. Historically new installations have been done by solar companies. One major sticky point however is that the utility is asking for a 9.75% rate of return on it’s investment. And that increase would go to the tax payers of New Jersey. Read here.

Delta Computer Group Installs 500 327 watt PV Panels

John Kamen Delta solar system

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Community Solar Is Going To Get Hot In 2016!

community solar

Community Solar may very well be the future of solar energy in the USA in 2016. For people who cannot afford to have a solar system on their own, or who live in an building where a system is not possible – community solar is a exciting option. EarthKind Energy has the experience to help communities develop community solar projects.  Call us,  we are happy to help!

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Winter Solstice = Oakwood’s Inner Light!

Every person and organization is unique. Part of the challenging fun is working through the solar development and decision-making processes with diverse individuals and organizations. While every project is great, the best ones are those where “the stars align, “magic happens”, and everyone is educated, empowered, and “enlightened” – as Chad Cianfrani so eloquently expresses in his Solstice note to Oakwood Friends School supporters…

Chad Ciafrani - Headmaster Oakwood Solar Array Update 12.21.15


Oakwood Friend’s School – Solar PV Panels Installed


EarthKind’s PV project at Oakwood Friend’s School is progressing quickly.  The  ground mounts were completed and now the panels are on the mounts.   Very soon the school will have 100% of it’s electrical need produced by 100% renewable solar energy!


Oakwood3 Oakwood2 Oakwood Oakwood4

Now Everyone in NY can “go solar”!

This week, the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) delivered on Governor Cuomo’s promise to create a statewide “Community Renewables” program. http://ny-sun.ny.gov/Get-Solar/Community-Solar

The community net metering initiative now allow multiple customers to net meter from a single solar generation facility – so anyone, anywhere in the state can sign up to save with solar, wind, or water power from a renewable energy generation system that is sited anywhere in their community.

As the PSC notes, “Many utility customers lack control over sites that can be configured into a location for a clean generation facility, even for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, the most common form of small on-site clean distributed generation.” The new program allows customers who don’t have a solar resource, or rent their homes or workplaces, to now sign up for solar (or wind or water) and gain the same benefits as those who can install a renewable energy system on their property.

EarthKind is working with customers to create Community Solar opportunities throughout the state.

Contact us if you’d like to participate.



New York Awards Solar Developers $30 million for Solar Projects

EarthKind is included in a select group of eligible developers to implement Governor Cuomo’s Solar initiative. Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the state Public Service Commission (PSC), a total of $30 million has been allocated to support PV installers and developers.This is the first year of funding for a $150-million, five year program.
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