City of Binghamton Shows Committment to Sustainability

EarthKind® Energy installs a 50KV solar array for Binghamton’s water treatment plant convincing even their toughest skeptics!

“We’re very excited to be able to install the first on-site renewable energy system on a City of Binghamton facility,” said Amelia Lodolce with a smile. Ms. Lodolce is the sustainable development planner for the City of Binghamton, NY.

A move to renewable energy sources is a step in the right direction for our cities. Cities are a major consumer of energy and city planners are recognizing that they are going to have to take leadership on sustainability in their communities.

Even the skeptics working at the water plant were really impressed by the outcomes of working with EarthKind® Energy installing their 50KV unit. Binghamton was able to secure a grant to support their green initiative. “The system has just been fantastic,” said Jerry Kaminsky, a water plant operator, “we haven’t had any problems with it. And it’s great, now we get all this free power.”

Renewable energy systems are an important part of our becoming an energy independent nation in the United States. Installing a solar energy system is a step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also reducing energy expenses.

The City of Binghamtom already has the proof that the system installed by EarthKind® is producing a good amount of energy and saving money.