Support Green Energy

“It is just a way of life for us!” is the perfect answer to the question “Why I buy Green.” Buying renewable energy doesn’t just save the planet; it can save you money as well. Doing good and feeling good about it; priceless. Being rewarded with a cleaner alternative and cost effectiveness is something Green Energy customers want to share with their neighbors.

The full text for this submission to the Green Energy Contest is below:

Why I Buy Green Essay

It is just a way of life for us! We have always carefully examined every available product that allows us to support Green Energy. We are totally environmentally friendly and our wish is that everyone join us in making the decision to “Go Green.” We are delighted that we could join and support Energeti[x] Green Energy. We didn’t hesitate when afforded the opportunity to choose this form of energy production which has been cost effective as well! How fortunate to be able to take another step to encourage alternative forms of energy. We are glad to do our part to keep “Mother Earth” healthy.