SUNY BEST Energy Leadership Team Tours EarthKind Project

SUNY BEST Energy Leadership Team attended a tour of the Bates-Troy Cogen (Combined Heat & Power, CHP) system on Friday, December 18, 2015. Bates-Troy’s innovative 400KW Cogen system reduces daily energy costs and peak demand, and provides resilient emergency backup power during grid-failures.

From right to left:

Ed Arzouian, Bates Troy Special Project Director
Ron Kamen, EarthKind Energy (Cogen System Developer)
Per Stromhaug, VP Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University
Rick Mancini, Custom Energy Solutions, LLC
Dennis Mitchell, Quantum Electric (Cogen System Installer)
Adam Flint, Southern Tier Solar Works

Also of interest was Bates-Troy’s Heavy Duty Hybrid truck (a BAE System’s prototype), shown at the loEarading dock next to the Cogen’s electric interconnection hardware.”