Starphire, Inc. is a privately held New York State Corporation that was founded in 1999 by Ron Kamen with a mission to provide “world-class technology-based solutions that minimize the financial and environmental costs of energy.” Linda Curtis secured a 51% controlling interest in 2005, and manages the administration, finances, and back office operations.

Since its creation, Starphire helped create the voluntary renewable energy market in New York State and has delivered over 2 million megawatt hours of renewable energy via the New York State Environmental Disclosure process.

EarthKind Energy, Inc. was a New York State Corporation that the Starphire principals co-founded with others in 2007. EarthKind is a developer of several megawatts of distributed energy, including solar photovoltaic projects in both the standard-offer and competitive-bid processes of the customer-sited tier of the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), as well as commercial solar hot water, solar air heating (solar thermal), and Combined Heat and Power projects via the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority RPS, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative programs.

In 2012, Starphire purchased all the outstanding EarthKind shares. Starphire continues “doing business as” EarthKind Energy throughout New York, the United States and the Caribbean.