Solar Solutions

EarthKind Energy is committed to making clean energy attainable, affordable, and secure. For more than 25 years, Ron has worked in the field of renewable energy, becoming a recognized leader and empowering people and businesses to choose solar energy solutions that provide high quality products, competitive costs, and beneficial financing. Ron has been involved in all aspects of project development, with a proven track record, established relationships with most major solar manufacturers and finance entities, and an intricate knowledge of policy. Find out more about us.

The Scope of Our Work

EarthKind develops large-scale solar electric photovoltaic (PV) projects for municipalities, multi-family buildings, Fortune 1000, nonprofit, and other commercial applications. We guide our clients through each step of project development — from cost analysis, evaluation and design, to bid and contractor selection, permitting, financing, installation oversight, commissioning, monitoring, and quality control.

EarthKind is also a leading solar thermal energy developer, working with a wide range of clients on all stages of solar heat & solar hot water energy planning, financing, and implementation. We have designed and directed some of the largest commercial solar heating and solar hot water systems in the northeast US for hospitals, nursing homes, senior living complexes, college dorms, farms, and multi-family buildings.

Solar Energy Services

Our services include everything you need to ensure a successful investment in the time, energy, and resources you and your organization need to plan and implement a measurably effective solar energy choice, including:

  • project planning and management
  • proposal review
  • product review and recommendations
  • choosing an installer
  • contract negotiations (installation, warranties and maintenance)
  • solutions for unique settings
  • partnerships
  • state and federal tax incentives
  • financing: private, state and federal
  • grant writing and application process

case studies

Solar Hot Water Improves Health Care Services

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use tremendous amounts of hot water. Whether for residence, patients, or staff and for a multitude of services including surgeries and cleaning.

Health Alliance’s Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, New York contracted Ron Kamen’s EarthKind Energy to analyze energy usage and to secured state and federal grants that funded the successful development of a solar hot water pre-heat system. They realized both energy and financial savings, as well as substantially reducing its carbon emissions.

Likewise for St. Peter’s Health Partner’s at Eddy Hawthorne Ridge, a senior community in Greenbush, New York. This institution provides facilities for independent senior living and assisted living, as well as an Alzheimer’s center. The seniors’ Green Committee implemented a number of measures to create a legacy of environmental responsibility. Their initiatives included bringing in EarthKind to design and install a large solar hot water system.

Municipalities Find Savings with Solar Energy

The Millwood Water Treatment Facility provides drinking water for the residents of New Castle, a town which includes the hamlets of Chappaqua and Millwood, as well as the village of Mount Kisco. Towards its environmental sustainability goals, the town engaged Ron to develop a solar air heating project that uses the sun to heat the air throughout the facility.

The City of Binghamton hired EarthKind to install a 49.68 KW solar photovoltaic system at the city’s water treatment plant. The first onsite renewable energy generation system for a city building, EarthKind secured a $320,922 federal recovery grant that reduced the city’s investment to $56,635 — they paid only 15% of the project cost. The system is projected to save Binghamton taxpayers up to $560,000 over the life of the system, and to annually eliminate more than 23 tons of carbon dioxide production by reducing the plant’s use of fossil fuels.

Solar Heat & Electric for Academia

Bard College, an independent, residential, liberal arts and sciences college in New York’s Hudson Valley, brought in EarthKind to secure state and federal grants, and design and manage the installation of their solar hot water systems for several student dormitories.

“Working with Ron on our project to install solar thermal at two residence halls at Bard College was both a success and a pleasure. He provided turnkey services with an ever-positive attitude. He has a genuine commitment to help move us away from fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy.”
—Laurie Husted, Sustainability Manager, Bard College Office of Sustainability

Westchester Community College, the county’s largest educational institution, hired EarthKind to secure state and federal grants and to subsequently design, develop, and manage the installation of a large solar hot water system for their gym.

The Center for Automotive Education & Training (CAET), founded by the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association, supports and promotes ongoing automotive education and training for careers in the auto industry. CAET sought out EarthKind to secure state and federal grants and manage the installation of their 50KW solar PV electric system. The big win? Taking advantage of a new grant program, Earthkind facilitated CAET’s ability to switch to solar generated electric with minimal investment.

Oakwood Friend’s School, New York State’s oldest co-educational boarding and day school, turned to EarthKind to develop a solar electric project to generate all the electricity they use over a year. EarthKind analyzed their energy usage, identified locations for the system, created an initial design, and identified grants and other incentives. The next step? EarthKind is bidding on a turnkey installation that will cost Oakwood $ -0- up front, provide 25+ years of maintenance-free solar electricity, and save the school more than $1 million, providing a priceless learning opportunity for students, faculty, staff and parents.

Mission-Driven Agencies Advance with Solar Hot Water for Multi-Unit Residences

Solar energy is for everyone. Three agencies who work with the disenfranchised turned to Ron and EarthKind Energy to tailor solar solutions for multi-unit residences. We provided all three organizations with analysis, design, and project management to develop multiple solar hot water projects for large and small low-income, multi-family buildings throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas of New York:

  • Community Environmental Center, a leading voice for green living and provider of construction and and technical services for green buildings in the New York Metropolitan area, especially for the neediest
  • Tompkins Community Action, who partner with thousands of individuals and families to create empowerment through education and improving the health, safety and energy efficiency of their homes
  • National Church Residences, innovators in integrating home and supportive services for seniors and vulnerable individuals