New York Awards Solar Developers $30 million for Solar Projects

EarthKind is included in a select group of eligible developers to implement Governor Cuomo’s Solar initiative. Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the state Public Service Commission (PSC), a total of $30 million has been allocated to support PV installers and developers.This is the first year of funding for a $150-million, five year program.

This effort is to primarily increase solar generating capacity in downstate New York. The funds are intended to offset the electrical use of the site rather than going back to the grid, although there will be some cased where the site can net meter or “spin their meter backwards”.

Solar developers will target businesses, including large retailers and shopping complexes, hospitals and health organizations,  apartment or multi-family complexes, and manufacturing facilities.

Funding for this program comes through an assessment on customers’ electric bills in New York. This small, permanent assessment is designed to increase the state’s share of energy from renewable resources which these Solar projects will do.

By submitting a successful proposal for development of a large-scale PV installation, EarthKind will partner with manufacturers, designers, and an installation team.  “Bringing a consortium of experience to projects creates jobs as well as renewable energy, this is a win-win-win program” say Ron Kamen, Chairman of EarthKind Energy. NYS is partnering with the people who know how to procure and provide for the installation of  large scale Solar projects to propel the Solar initiative forward.

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photo by Armaggesin