EarthKind Energy is committed to making solar energy attainable, affordable, and secure. For more than 25 years, Ron has worked in the field of renewable energy, becoming a recognized leader and empowering people and businesses to choose solar energy solutions by ensuring the best products at the lowest cost with the most beneficial financing. Ron has been involved in all aspects of project development, with a proven track record, established relationships with most major solar manufacturers and finance entities, and an intricate knowledge of policy. Find out more about us.

The Scope of Our Work

One of the leading solar thermal energy developers in the US, EarthKind works with a wide range of clients on all stages of solar energy planning, financing, and implementation. We have designed and directed some of the largest commercial solar heating and solar hot water systems in New York.
EarthKind has also developed large-scale solar electric photovoltaic (PV) projects for municipalities and other commercial applications, providing the nuts-and-bolts of project managing — from evaluation and design, to bid and contractor selection, installation oversight, monitoring support, logistics, budgeting, permits, bonding and quality control

Solar Energy Services

Our services include everything you need to ensure a successful investment in the time, energy, and resources you and your organization need to plan and implement a measurably effective solar energy choice, including:

  • energy usage & cost analysis
  • project sizing, planning and management
  • rfp development
  • state and federal tax incentives
  • financing: loans, leases, power purchase agreements
  • grant writing and application process
  • product review and recommendations
  • choosing an installer
  • contract negotiations (installation, warranties and maintenance)
  • solutions for unique settings

innovative solutions to complex energy challenges

Ron Kamen, CEO of EarthKind Energy, is a recognized leader in the field of renewable energy and the single best partner for renewable energy businesses seeking to introduce or increase their services or products in New York State. With a proven track record of returns, established relationships with manufacturers and finance entities, and an intricate knowledge of policy, for more than 25 years, Ron has worked to create programs and develop new markets for a host of clean-energy technologies.

Services for renewable energy businesses include:

  • navigating public policy
  • partnership development
  • strategic marketing planning
  • new market programming

Energy Consulting

Most companies and institutions know that they are spending too much money on energy. More and more, they also recognize that the time has come for reliable sources of sustainable energy and want to get “clean and green.” For more than 2 decades, companies, governments, and non-profit institutions have turned to Ron and his companies, Starphire New Energy Technologies and EarthKind Energy, for innovative, cutting-edge solutions to complex energy challenges.

Figuring out how to save money with the diverse array of energy efficiency and renewable energy options is the type of challenge that EarthKind thrives on — and actively seeks. His expertise and experience provides an unparallelled opportunity to determine your needs, identify opportunities, secure grants, and develop financing options that can make your goals achievable.

Energy consulting services include:

  • energy and cost analysis
  • energy saving proposals
  • project planning and management
  • state and federal grants and tax incentives
  • financing: private, state, and federal
  • grant writing and application process