Renewable Energy: It Really Can Be Easy Being Green

There are many great reasons for buying green, and this submission to the Green Energy Contest from Salem, NY has a wonderful list.

RE: Why I Buy Green

Kermit the Frog was wrong. It really can be easy being green.

With just some thought, and a little effort, it’s quite easy where practical, to go green.

These are the times of the Occupation Movement encampments in our cities, of joblessness and workplace insecurities, of ineffective governmental policies and an entire list of other uncertainties. In recognition of these conditions, it seems to only make sense to revert to the basics which includes development of a “green” consciousness.

I Buy Green when I don’t buy another car before I have to. My present auto has high mileage but it is gas-efficient, and keeping it on the road makes more sense than purchasing any newer model: even if that choice is a hybrid or equally fuel-efficient model.

I Buy Green by staying in a small home which was purchased over a quarter-century ago. It could be more efficient, but I have made improvements to make it so, such as adding more insulation and replacing the hot water heater, and keeping it going obviates any need for the production of replacement lumber for construction of a new residence.

I Buy Green when I go to the grocery store that encourages its customers to bring their own boxes and bags for packaging, and spends little of its time on fancy displays of its products.

I Buy Green by trying to multi-task when I drive my car. I might try to include trips to the bank, post office, and even church by making one well-planned trip.

I Buy Green by trying not to use more energy than is absolutely necessary. I love a nice hot warm shower, but it needn’t be a long one.

I Buy Green when I use a small push-powered lawnmower on the grass which extends from the front of my house. The gas-powered mower is utilized only for a larger section which generally runs behind the house.

I Buy Green by keeping temperature levels in my home comfortable when I’m in the house, but lower when I’m not. In summer, I emply fans but not any air-conditioner, although I understand that situation wouldn’t be acceptable for many others.

I Buy Green by trying to buy cleaners and solvents which are nature-friendly, and less toxic. White vinegar is a wonderful thing.

I Buy Green by participation in NYSEG’s Green Energy program.

I Buy Green by thinking Green.

In the future, I hope to have even more to think about.