Policy & Market Development

innovative solutions to complex energy challenges

Ron Kamen, CEO of EarthKind Energy, is a recognized leader in the field of renewable energy and the single best partner for renewable energy businesses seeking to introduce or increase their services or products in New York State. With a proven track record of returns, established relationships with manufacturers and finance entities, and an intricate knowledge of policy, for more than 25 years, Ron has worked to create programs and develop new markets for clean-energy technologies.

Services for renewable energy businesses include:

  • navigating public policy
  • partnership development
  • strategic marketing planning
  • new market programming

case studies

New York — Growing the New York State Solar Market

In 2010, Ron met with the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and devised a plan to exponentially grow the New York State solar market. The resulting statewide campaign involved hundreds of clean tech businesses, environmental organizations, and financial institutions, as well as tens of thousands of taxpayers. The New York Sun Initiative is a dynamic public-private partnership that will drive growth in the solar industry and make solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers. Since the Governor launched New York Sun in 2012, a total of 316 megawatts of solar photovoltaics has been installed or is under contract, more than was installed in the entire prior decade.

In 2014, the Governor delivered the New York Sun initiative a nearly $1 billion commitment to “significantly expand deployment of solar capacity throughout the state and transform New York’s solar industry to a sustainable, subsidy-free sector.”

Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water for Everyone

Skyline Innovations, the largest developer and financier of commercial-scale solar water heating systems in the United States, recruited Ron to work on New York State policy and market development.

As a result, Skyline, founded in 2009 by a team of problem-solving energy professionals committed to tearing down barriers to the adoption of renewable energy, emerged with an innovative and sustainable business model that enables the deployment of solar electricity and water heating projects to businesses and the public sector in a way that provides meaningful value to customers, the environment, and communities.

Green Energy Strategy

New York State Electric and Gas Solutions and Energetix are energy services companies (ESCOs) that provide natural gas, electricity, and clean energy solutions and serve residential, small business, and large commercial/industrial customers. Ron’s green energy strategy, purchasing, pricing and marketing program enabled them to become one of the leading energy and green energy suppliers in New York State before they were sold in 2012.

Building Voluntary Markets for Renewable Energy

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) was founded in 1999 to ignite the market and develop the supply of fuel-free energy. CEI engaged Ron to create and build the voluntary market for renewable energy in New York State. Ron’s efforts spurred the demand for hundreds of megawatts of new wind generation. Ron secured over $3 million in state funding for marketing; developed partnerships with utilities, energy service companies, and state and federal agencies; and developed programs which resulted in the sale of tens of millions of megawatt hours of wind, hydroelectric, and biomass renewable energy.

Positioning New York as a National Leader in the Solar Thermal Industry

Worldwide, solar hot water provides 400% more energy than solar photovoltaic electric, yet the US lags behind virtually every civilized country in using the fuel-free, cost-effective energy from the sun to provide space heat and hot water. Ron initiated and led the New York State Solar Thermal Consortium (STC), which brought together more than 130 stakeholders from industry, labor, academia, non-profits, and government agencies to identify the hurdles and created a plan to develop a vibrant solar thermal industry and position the state to become a national leader in the solar thermal industry.

Establishing LEED’s Standards  for School Construction

Ron created and led the campaign that established the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard for the State of New Jersey’s $8.4 billion school construction program — the first recognition of environmental and energy standards for school construction in the country.