Here Comes the Sun: Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

solar panels

The Phoenix home of David Leeper, a Republican who has installed solar panels on his roof. Samantha Sais for The New York Times

This week The New York Times published an article that began:

In conservative politics, solar power is often dismissed as an affectation, part of a liberal agenda to funnel money to “solar cronies” of the Obama administration and further the “global warming hoax.”
So one would not expect to see Barry Goldwater Jr., the very picture of modern conservatism and son of the 1964 Republican nominee for president, arguing passionately on behalf of solar energy customers.

There’s no doubt that utilities are going to have to change their business models as solar – and other forms of distributed energy – continue to become more cost effective and widely used. Energy generation is following the same path that moved our society from mainframe computers to hand-held devices that have the same power only “supercomputers” had a few years ago. They say “politics make strange bedfellows”, and it’s fascinating to see this across the country…

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