Going Green & Staying Green: A Sustainable Movie Industry

How can it be that the movie industry be sustainable: an interview with Antonio Saillant, US producer and director, by Alma Daddario on Sustainability International Forum.

Excerpt from “Meeting a Green Director”

“Q – Are you implementing any kind of project (as conferences, meetings with associations and governance) to spread and condivide [sic] this idea?

A – I will be setting up future meetings with studio executives in film and television to discuss ways the industry can be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and if money is an issue, I will work with State, City and utilities to develop rebate incentives in order to help in the green efforts.

There are many additional things that our government can do to pitch in. The New York Solar Energy Industry Association (NYSEIA), which a dear friend of mine, Ron Kamen, currently serve as President, has a comprehensive plan for what government can do to better support solar, including instituting a government purchasing program, educating the public to the benefits of solar, and additional public-private partnerships that can exponentially increase the use of solar. I consider myself a big supporter of solar technology and that it will play a major role in creating a sustainable economic and social future.”

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Director’s Statement on “Going Green & Staying Green”

By Antonio Saillant, Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group

How can the movie industry be sustainable? This is one of the biggest questions of the century.

What is the answer? Whether you’re in the field of engineering, design or any other area, what we all have in common with filmmaking is the art of the imagination and the ability to create something from an idea. What I personally enjoy about film is that it’s considered one of the most collaborative art forms. The group dynamic between the director, the screenwriter, cast and crew generally comes shining through in the finished product. My particular experience in engineering and business has helped me to develop a green transition easily.

Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group has a vision and passion to creating energy efficiency in movies and television. As one of the most outspoken “green” professionals in New York City and Hollywood, I am proactive in the area of energy conservation and in helping television and movie industry colleagues push their initiatives forward with green outcomes, production and results.

In my career, I have previously saved energy and dollars across industries for hospital systems and universities (Columbia and NYU), pharmaceuticals and major businesses in New York City and New Jersey, including Radio City Music Hall, the old Yankee Stadium, The Hebrew Home of the Age and The Jewish Home Lifecare in New York. In the past decade, I’ve combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hope of contributing to a green planet.

With sustainable solutions for our planet, my Green Angel Company is committed to demonstrating that the movie and television industry can be responsible, using tactics and strategies for green energy. In my career, I have provided hundreds of clients with energy and sustainable solutions, regarding the perceptions, barriers and opportunities for energy efficiency and I will continue to do so.

The movie industry is positioned to reach a worldwide audience using “green-energy” in films and television. Most major Hollywood studios, such as Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros., are now following the Green Path. Tapping into the world of film and television, which consumes vast amounts of energy and unsustainable resources around the world, makes economical sense.

Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group’s web site will provide information on “Being Green” through its affiliate Green Angel Productions. Filled with ideas, we help large to small independent filmmakers with information about how to be green and using green products and services for their productions. These types of changes within the movie industry will attract wide attention and bring positive influence to others in following many green practices, replicated in other business and industries.

Let’s aim high by partnering with simpatico film and television professionals to leverage the right resources and partners necessary to make use of sustainable practices. Angel Light Pictures and its Green Angel Productions will strive to create a positive message to people all over the world with industry-relevant information, tools, and strategies to support a Green Planet.

Antonio Saillant is the founder and principal owner of Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group.