Energy Consulting / Electric Vehicles

Most companies and institutions know that they are spending too much money on energy. More and more, they also recognize that the time has come for reliable sources of sustainable energy and want to get “clean and green.” For more than 2 decades, companies, governments, and non-profit institutions have turned to Starphire New Energy Technologies and EarthKind Energy for innovative, cutting-edge solutions to complex energy challenges.

Figuring out how to save money with the diverse array of energy efficiency and renewable energy options is the type of challenge that EarthKind thrives on — and actively seeks. Our expertise and experience provides an unparallelled opportunity to determine your needs, identify opportunities, secure grants, and develop cost-effective options that can make your goals achievable (sometimes with zero cash outlay).

Energy consulting services include:

  • energy and cost analysis
  • energy saving proposals
  • project planning and management
  • state and federal grants and tax incentives
  • financing: private, state, and federal
  • grant writing and application process

In addition, EarthKind is leading the Clean Transportation Project for the 42 municipal governments in Sustainable Westchester. Electric Vehicle (EV) adoptions is increasing worldwide by 70% annually, and costs are declining by 18% per year. EVs are already the most cost-effective option for the 90% of our trips that are less than 30 miles, with per mile savings of 50%-75% on fuel. In addition, with no need for an oil change and only ~20 moving parts (vs. 2,000 for an internal combustion engine) – the maintenance cost savings are dramatic as well.