Central Hudson Solar Summit: Solar Advocacy

Ron Kamen, February 1, 2012

EarthKind: Renewable Energy Credits Experience

    Management are leaders in the policy development of NYS voluntary renewable energy markets

    Created marketing and sales programs for 2+ Million MWhs of NYS Environmental Disclosure
    Wind, Biomass & Low Impact Hydro RECs to residents, businesses, institutions, municipalities, state & federal agencies & authorities

    NYS Solar PV & Solar Thermal Project Developers

    NYS RPS Customer Sited Tier

    NYS RPS Geographic Balancing (3 year SREC)

A summary of the presentation:
Solar PV: A Worldwide Growth Industry, A Declining Cost Industry

Established solar manufacturers are realizing cost reductions ac ross the value chain and will reduce installed system cost by approximately 50% by 2015.

The Solar Industry;s Virtuous Cycle: for every 2x in global solar modules shipped, cost declines 17-20%

New York is falling behind neighboring states in solar development policy.

~Pace Energy and Climate Center

New York Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): 5,000MW of solar generation by 2025 ~Solar Industry Development & Jobs Act

• Limited to systems connected to distribution system serving NY
• Focus on localized environmental and grid benefits
• Avoid strict geographic eligibility requirements

15 Year Contracts
• Facilitates project financing through long‐term commitments
• 15 year standard offer for small retail systems
• 15 year SREC contracts for larger‐scale projects

Mandates SREC tracking and trading mechanism

Cost containment
• Estimated at $.39/month for the average household
• Circuit breaker – program suspended if costs >1.5% of utility revenues

Jobs Opportunity in a 5,000 MW solar PV program for New York State

NY Solar Jobs Act – 5,000 MWs by 2026
Assemblyman Englebright / Senator Maziarz
Cumulative Economic Impacts (through 2026)
New Jobs 40,000+
Economic Output $20+ billion

EarthKind Energy: Partnering with you today… for a sustainable tomorrow.
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Download Central Hudson Solar Summit Feb 1, 2012 Powerpoint Presentation