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Renewables Over Taking Coal Even in Coal Country!

Even a utility that  is currently 60% powered by coal realizes that they need to move to renewables.

Because their customers demand it, and because that’s where the jobs are.

Clean Energy Means Clean Jobs


One of the most important drivers of the economy is jobs.  And today with many jobs going overseas Americans need to create more and better jobs for today’s workers. In this week’s Poughkeepsie Journal   I had the opportunity to write a column regarding this very issue.  Clean energy is one of the answers to this lagging jobs market,  very simply clean energy creates clean energy jobs.  Clean Energy jobs are at a all time high growth rate,  outpacing many other sectors.

EarthKind Energy wind purchase makes University at Buffalo #1 in EPA Green Power Partnership

62 Siemens-Windenergieanlagen des Typs SWT-2.3-101 drehen sich hier im Windpark West Wind nahe Wellington in Neuseeland. Aufgrund konstanter Windbedingungen und hoher Windgeschwindigkeiten eignet sich Neuseeland bestens für die Realisierung von Windenergieprojekten. West Wind ist der erste Windpark in Neuseeland, den Siemens im Oktober 2009 in Betrieb nahm. 62 Siemens wind turbines of the type SWT-2.3-101 turn here in the wind park West Wind near Wellington in New Zealand. The consistently strong wind speeds in New Zealand make the country ideal for wind power plants. West Wind is the first wind power plant Siemens commissioned in October 2009.

photograph from Siemens

EarthKind Energy Wind Energy purchase makes University at Buffalo #1 in EPA’s Green Power Partnership Program in the country.   If your organization is interested in purchasing some of these highly rated wind certificates then please contact Ron Kamen at 845-266-3723 or

Here is the link to UB’s announcement earlier this month.  Read Here.


Birds and Wind Turbines

birds and wind power

After hearing people talking about birds being killed by flying into wind turbines I read/watched this brief report on It is important that people understand that bird and bat studies are done before wind turbines are placed in a specific area. As the technology gets better the birds become safer and safer.  Read/Watch Here.

Canada Moving Quickly Towards Renewable Energy Goals



While we here in the USA continue to fight for and against renewable energy in our communities, town boards, courts,  legislatures, corporations, schools….  our quiet neighbors up north have been developing a renewable energy plan that will perhaps exceed it’s international standards.  Read Here!

Off Shore Wind Energy is Back!


Der schwedische Offshore-Windpark Lillgrund im Öresund zwischen Malmö und Kopenhagen. Siemens hat im Projekt Lillgrund 48 Windenergieanlagen des Typs SWT-2.3-93 mit einer Leistung von jeweils 2,3 Megawatt (MW) installiert. Der Windpark mit einer installierten Gesamtleistung von 110 Megawatt (MW) wird vom schwedischen Energieversorger Vattenfall betrieben und wurde im Juni 2008 offiziell in Betrieb genommen. Der Offshore-Windpark Lillgrund produziert genug Strom, um 60.000 schwedische Haushalte zu versorgen. The Swedish offshore wind farm Lillgrund in the Øresund between Malmö and Copenhagen. For the Lillgrund project Siemens installed 48 SWT-2.3-93 wind power systems each rated at 2.3 megawatts (MW). The wind farm with a total installed capacity of 110 MW is operated by the Swedish utility Vattenfall and officially came on line in June 2008. The Lillgrund offshore wind farm produces enough electrcity to supply 60,000 Swedish households.

It’s looking like off shore wind projects are finally taking off.  For a while there it wasn’t looking very hopeful. This is great news for the renewable energy industry!   Read here for some of the exciting new projects!

Governors Accord for a New Energy Future


17 States have banded together to form the “Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future”. New York and California are among them. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the recent Supreme Court suspension of the Clean Power Plan and the courts final decision on the matter. Read Here!

President Obama Proposes Doubling Clean Energy R & D by 2012


The White House released a “Fact Sheet” this week on the President’s proposal to double clean energy Research and Development by 2012.  “Accelerating clean energy innovation is essential to achieving the goal of limiting the rise in global temperatures to well below 2˚C,” the White House said.  Read article here.