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Energy is the new internet: The Enernet is coming – with massive economic opportunity ahead!

Energy is on a similar path to the emergence of the internet in the 1990s.
We are on the verge of another

massive societal transformation, with the
“Enernet” emerging as a “dynamic, distributed, redundant and
multi-participant energy network built around clean energy generation,
storage and delivery – and serving as the foundation for smart cities.”

Nanogrids, microgrids, distributed energy resources, virtual power plants,
intelligent building materials, battery storage, smart lighting, new
networks and intelligence are driving down energy costs and improving
services. “From the enernet evolution will come smart cities that are an
order-of-magnitude smarter, healthier and safer. The new network will also
present quantum leaps in energy security and emergency resilience that can
stand in the face of superstorms or cyberattacks.”

It’s going to be an incredible ride…

USA Electric Grid Weak, Old and Unstable


There are many complicated issues with the utility grid: technological, financial, government policy, monopolies…

It’s fascinating that one of the biggest “problems” (in Germany, California, and soon-to-be-almost-everywhere) is that – at times – there is SO much renewable energy being produced – that it’s FREE.

Do you think that there’s a way to make the number work – when that energy literally costs us NOTHING?

USA Electric Grid Vulnerable For Attack

Wall Street Journal Grid attack

The Wall Street Journal has recently done a in depth study of our nations electric grid system. The bottom line is our electric grid is not safe. Not at all. Billions of dollars would need to be poured into the system to make it safe. Are micro grids an alternative to pouring more tax payer dollars into an already archaic system?  Read about the article here. There is also a video about the report you can access here on our Facebook page.

Better Power Lines Could Super Charge Renewable Energy?

There has been a huge debate going on in the communities of Dutchess County, New York (in which I live) about putting up new 345-kilovolt high voltage line that would run entirely within the existing 14.5-mile Con Ed corridor.  This has been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.   Residents in Dutchess County have formed citizens groups like “Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition” and  “No Monster Power Lines”.  And many residents see these lines indeed as “monsters” that are  very unwelcome in their community.

However, today  I just came across an article that puts a whole different spin on “monster power lines”  and actually speaks of them as a potential plus for renewable energy.  Very interesting concepts and ideas.   Take a look!

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