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Canada and US Working Together for Climate Comitments

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It is good to see that there is a lot that goes on off the radar on working on climate change.  The US and the Canadian governments have been hard at work since Paris. Trudeau and Obama have been working together and have many common goals. As the writer of this article states “By shifting the discussion from pipelines to power lines, the leaders made some progress today”. It is a good thing. Read Here.

United Airlines To Use Biofuels!


United Airlines has announced that it plans on using biofuel for it’s planes!  This is one of the first major airlines to begin to use biofuel.  We hope this is the beginning of a new trend!

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Rhinebeck Considering Solar System Placed on Former Landfill


EarthKind Energy is based in Rhinebeck,  New York.  A beautiful little village  located in the equally beautiful Hudson Valley Region of New York State.   We here at EarthKind were thrilled to hear that the town was going to study the possibility of a solar system that would be placed on a old garbage dump! What a great use of pretty much unusable land!   We wish them good luck with the study!   Read the full story here!