Buying Green Energy to Be Environmentally Responsible

Many families are trying to reduce their global footprint and find ways to be environmentally responsible. This includes looking for alternatives to the fossil fuel energy sources available to them. EarthKind®, a renewable energy solutions company, partnered with Energetix/NYSEG Solutions, an energy services company (ESCO) to offer a program that allows residents, businesses, and non-profit institutions to purchase green power that is delivered to them – which often saves money too.

We received the following submission to the “Why I Buy Green Energy Contest” from Irondequoit, NY:

“Thanks to the Energetix Energy Services Company for allowing my family the choice of “buying green” we have been customers of 100% Green Energy since at least the year 2006.

My family is “buying green” EarthKind Energy from Energetix […] to reduce our global carbon footprint and to enhance our Earth friendly lifestyle.

My family’s further green efforts include, but not limited to, recycling, reusing. Composting, and using public transportation as we don’t own a vehicle.

Our family hopes by buying green EarthKind energy from Energetix to help make an impact for our world environment.

My family finds every opportunity to highly recommend to others [buying green.]

We are very pleased and satisfied to be customers of Energetix [ESC] since 2006 and grateful for the opportunity to be as environmentally responsible as our family can be.”