Bates Troy CHP Unveiling

Ron - Channel 34 - Bates Troy 5.27.15

It was my honor and pleasure to be part of the successful development of the Bates Troy CoGeneration (CoGen, or Combined Heat and Power = CHP) system – and the media launch event on May 27, 2015.


I went to college in Binghamton, NY, got my degrees here, made it my 2nd home, matured into an adult in the community, discovered my passion and became an Energy Expert.


Since then, I’ve done hundreds of projects, with large & small institutions, public & private companies, municipalities, government agencies, and quasi-governmental organizations across the U.S.


The Bates Troy project is a model of success because of the:

  1. Leadership, Foresight & Commitment of the owners, Ara & Brian Kradjian & the Kradjian family, who created a culture of Innovation & a “Can Do” attitude of their staff (“where there’s a will, there’s a way”)
  2. Assembly of an Excellent Team
    1. Inside the company (led by Ed Arzouian)
    2. Local contractor partners (Dennis Mitchell & Quantum Electric)
    3. State partnership with NYSERDA & ESD
    4. Community Support
    5. Private Financing (Tioga State Bank)
    6. Best Technology & Value Engineering (D&B Engineering & Tecogen)

3. The commitment, hard work, innovation & collaboration that is always necessary to meet and overcome the inevitable challenges (Murphy’s Law)  – and succeed.

We start with the numbers:

First, 3 and 3,000.

3 Days & 3,000 Hospital Beds. Without Bates Troy, local hospitals only have enough clean, sanitary linens for 3 days of operation for 3,000 patient beds.

History shows that this isn’t enough:

–  In May, 1998, the 3rd longest tornado in history took down power lines south of city where my family lived, and thousands of us endured the weeks it took to restore power. We all thought it was an anomaly.

–  Then came two 100 year floods within 6 years, which forced 20,000 City residents to be relocated. Hundreds lost their homes and businesses, and the community is still recovering.

Job 1 of the Bates Troy Cogen/CHP system is resiliency – the ability to keep operating and supporting hospitals & nursing homes when the grid goes down.

Second, The numbers 30 and 30,000.

Bates Troy processes 30 TONS of Laundry a day, ~30,000 lbs every 4 hours. Even with their advanced Lavatech machine, the most water efficient in the world – they still need 30,000 gallons of hot water every day.

Since the average person uses less than 30 gallons of hot water daily, Bates Troy burns enough natural gas to supply hot water for over 1,000 people, day in and day out.

Third, Bates Troy uses two types of Energy – Heat & Electricity.

With the 100+ year old electric system we have today, two-thirds of the energy that feeds a central generator is lost due to the conversion of that energy into mechanical and then electricity, and the Transmission and Distribution of that electricity to our homes, businesses, and institutions.

But our cell phones illustrate the technology transformation we are also going through with energy. Today’s $300 smart phone has the same power as the multi-million supercomputer of only about a decade ago.

The CoGen/CHP system is twice as efficient as central generation, uses 50% less energy, & produces half the carbon. The system will provide virtually all of Bates Troy’s hot water & 90% of their electricity every day.

In summary – the CoGen/CHP uses about the same amount of gas. Instead of only heat, they now get HEAT + ELECTRICITY.

  1. The CoGen/CHP allows the plant to operate and provide continuous supply of critically important sanitary linens to hospitals and nursing homes, protecting the patients & institutions.
  1. Every day, the CoGen/CHP supplies supplemental Heat & Power. This creates more stable prices, makes Bates Troy more competitive, allows them to expand into new markets, and add jobs (they’ve added more than 20 already)
  1. The system is twice as efficient as traditional electric generation, using half the energy & reducing carbon emissions by 50%.
Every facility is unique. EarthKind’s expertise is in developing Clean Energy Partnerships that bring a lifetime of savings through the power of people, technology and the forces of nature.
Bates Troy Cogen Team
The partners in Bates Troy’s Combined Heat & Power Project, representatives from Bates Troy, Tioga State Bank, Tecogen, Kinetics Energy, Tecogen, Earthkind Energy, D&B Engineering, NYSERDA and  Quantum Electric: (left to right) Jim Rheinheimer, Richard Zur, Tom Singe, Joe Weinschreider, Ron Kamen, Tim Dixon, Ara Kradjian, Ed Arzouian, Brian Kradjian, David Garrison, John Taguer, Ed Kear, Denis Mitchell (photo by Joshua Bernard).