A Car at Clearwater?

We had the pleasure of attending the annual Clearwater Music Festival this weekend for some music, friends, and fun.

Thousands came in spite of the rain, and a “good time was had by all”.

While we saw the many usual environmental products, services, and organizations – we were amazed to see a FORD Motor Company display!?!

Clearwater - Ford booth Clearwater Ford (3) IMG_0162

Why would Ford be at an environmental music festival?

Because, like Tesla and Nissan, Ford now also has an all-electric car, and plug-in hybrids!

When we look at carbon and other emissions, about one-third of the emissions come from our electricity system, with another one-third from burning fossil fuels for heat and hot water (thermal) – and the final 1/3 from Transport.

To reduce carbon emissions, we have to transform our transportation system.

Tesla is hitting the high end of the sports car market, will double the world’s battery capacity with their new plant in Nevada, and is a leader in battery storage and all that it means for cars (as well as our homes and workplaces).

Now Ford is providing the “average American” a way to join the movement to electrify our transport system.

With a solar power purchase agreement, a Nissan, Ford, or Tesla electric car can now move people for the equivalent of $1 per gallon of gas.

“Seeing is believing”. The energy revolution has just taken a smooth turn around the corner!