National Grid & SunRun Announce Partnership

As the solar industry matures, we are beginning to see the emergence of new partnership models. The latest announcement is between National Grid – who owns an electric distribution utility in Massachusetts & upstate New York – and SunRun, one of the leading funders of residential solar installations in the country. As the article notes: “The partnership will also include research on how distributed energy resources can be aggregated to balance and optimize the grid, a service which is currently provided by centralized generators.”  Read Here.

Happy 2017!

Through this Season’s Longest Night, We Remember that

Every Candle Illuminates the Deepest Darkness

And Each Day’s New Dawn Heralds the Return of the Light…

As Solar, Wind, Water, & Biomass Renewable Energy

continue to become the least cost sources of energy,

We wish You & All of Yours a Bright & Hopeful New Year –

Filled with Good Health, Peace, Joy, and Abundance.