Questioning Value of Large Utility Renewable Systems


Rhinebeck Considering Solar System Placed on Former Landfill


EarthKind Energy is based in Rhinebeck,  New York.  A beautiful little village  located in the equally beautiful Hudson Valley Region of New York State.   We here at EarthKind were thrilled to hear that the town was going to study the possibility of a solar system that would be placed on a old garbage dump! What a great use of pretty much unusable land!   We wish them good luck with the study!   Read the full story here!

Delta Computer Group Installs 500 327 watt PV Panels

John Kamen Delta solar system

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Governors Accord for a New Energy Future


17 States have banded together to form the “Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future”. New York and California are among them. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the recent Supreme Court suspension of the Clean Power Plan and the courts final decision on the matter. Read Here!

Solar Tower Development


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Solar Towers have been besieged with controversy. When the Ivanpah Tower in California was build in 2013. Opposition emerged regarding bird kills. Due to this Brightsource (the developer) had gone back to the drawing board. This new tower is located in southern Israel’s desert. It has been made shorter and is equipped with various technologies to keep birds away. This one tower is designed to provide Israel with 1% of the countries electric needs. Read Here!