California continue to lead the country in renewable energy!


“In a 3-2 vote on Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued its long-awaited final decision on the state’s successor net-metering program, often referred to as NEM 2.0” Click here for full story.

Better Power Lines Could Super Charge Renewable Energy?

There has been a huge debate going on in the communities of Dutchess County, New York (in which I live) about putting up new 345-kilovolt high voltage line that would run entirely within the existing 14.5-mile Con Ed corridor.  This has been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.   Residents in Dutchess County have formed citizens groups like “Hudson Valley Smart Energy Coalition” and  “No Monster Power Lines”.  And many residents see these lines indeed as “monsters” that are  very unwelcome in their community.

However, today  I just came across an article that puts a whole different spin on “monster power lines”  and actually speaks of them as a potential plus for renewable energy.  Very interesting concepts and ideas.   Take a look!

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US Energy Department Announces 2017 Solar Decathalon Teams


(2015 winners shown above)

16 college teams have been selected this week for the 2017 Solar Decathalon! This is a exciting event for the many colleges who participate.  Many of the participants go on to become the solar champions of the future.

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Corporations and Sustainability Goals


Today corporations need to embed sustainability goals into their mission. It is no longer adequate to have sustainable goals as add-ons.

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New York State Governor Announces Significant Commitment to Renewal Energy

New York go green concept illustration

New York State continues to be a leader for the future! Governor Cuomo commits to a significant renewable energy plan in his State of the State speech.

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Solar Jobs Double in Five Years



The solar industry has become one of the largest job growth industries of this century.  It has already out paced the oil and the auto industry in it’s growth rate.   Exciting times for solar!

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Oakwood Friend’s School Solar Array Completed! (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Oakwood Friends Solar Array - Poughkeepsie J

(Photo by Poughkeepsie Journal)

Read article in Poughkeepsie Journal here.


Renewable Energy Portfolios by States Showing Considerable Benefit


Not all the states have renewable energy portfolios.  But for those that do a study was conducted that showed over the last several years there has been considerable benefit in a range of areas.  Including reduction of green house gases,  growth of the job sector…

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