Bates Troy quoted in Governor’s Clean Energy Announcement

EarthKind was recruited to bring together technology providers and represent Bates Troy, a prestigious Binghamton area client, through the development of a 400,000 watt Combined Heat and Power system.

From the September 22nd news release, “Governor Cuomo Announces Expansion of Clean Energy Projects to Increase Resiliency and Lower Energy Costs”:

“Bates Troy, an industrial laundry service in Binghamton, installed a unit in May. The company provides linens to hospitals and other healthcare institutions throughout Central New York and the Southern Tier, a vital service that requires back-up in case of a power outage.

“Rather than just install a simple back-up generator that may never run, we decided to go with a CHP system to generate our own electricity and have a redundant power system at the same time,” said Ed Arzouian, compliance and special projects coordinator for Bates Troy. “If we can also save some money or stabilize our costs in the process, it’s an additional benefit.””

The full announcement can be found here: