Go Solar, Save Money and Save the World!

In this New York Time’s Op-Ed piece Paul Krugman confirms the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report that although we are still on the road to catastrophe without major policy changes, there is reason for some economic optimism.

The price of solar panels has decreased 75% in the last 5 years – almost anyone, anywhere can now have solar installed and start saving money compared to their utility — with zero cash upfront due to various solar lease and other financing programs. Or have a payback in less than 5 years – and not pay another electric bill again. Now we can go solar, save money – and save the world!

Blessed by Year-Round Tropical Sunshine

“One of the fastest growing areas for solar is the Caribbean and other islands (such as Hawaii) where electricity is generated by burning expensive foreign oil.

State and country policies are now being changed to allow private businesses – like this resort – to install solar. With the cost of solar coming down, paybacks of ~5 years mean a 20% annual return on investment.

The reduction in environmental impacts and positive “green marketing” then provide very nice additional perks.”

Read the New York Times’ article.