Going Green: Hollywood and Energy Efficiency

Going Green in New York

By Claire McCurdy
First published in the Journal of Foreign Relations
January 23, 2013

Reprinted with Permission

After months of monitoring the disasters in Japan, it is a refreshing change to cover a story about a positive energy vision. Filmmaker, Antonio Saillant, and his friends and mentors, Ron Kamen and Ted Kotcheff, are committed to making the movie business sustainable and are working towards a greener world through clean, green and sustainable energy in the energy hungry movie industry.
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Investing in Solar Energy: NY State Gov. Cuomo Calls for Quadrupling Solar Capacity by 2013

“In its first year, the NY-Sun Initiative will be capable of doubling the customer-sited photovoltaic capacity that was installed in 2011. By 2013, we estimate that NY-Sun will quadruple the 2011 capacity.” ~New York State Gov.Cuomo

According to Clean Energy Authority:
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Going Green & Staying Green: A Sustainable Movie Industry

How can it be that the movie industry be sustainable: an interview with Antonio Saillant, US producer and director, by Alma Daddario on Sustainability International Forum.

Excerpt from “Meeting a Green Director”

“Q – Are you implementing any kind of project (as conferences, meetings with associations and governance) to spread and condivide [sic] this idea?

A – I will be setting up future meetings with studio executives in film and television to discuss ways the industry can be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and if money is an issue, I will work with State, City and utilities to develop rebate incentives in order to help in the green efforts.
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